Our Story

EST 2012

Since opening Burn Boxing and Fitness back in February 2012, we’ve grown significantly into the fun, energetic and family friendly club we are today. We have an excellent reputation in the local and greater community and we are constantly trying to improve every aspect of our business.


Our mission at Burn Boxing and Fitness is simple – to be the best part of someone’s day.

We understand that every day we face many challenges that cause us stress and anxiety, and sometime we have to be a person that we do not necessarily want to be. But for as little as 30 minutes a day, you can be yourself, and beat those stresses away. When it comes down to it, rest assured that we’ve got your back!


Our people have heart. Every trainer and staff member is here to connect with you through the workout and beyond and stand alongside you in your life’s journey. We know your name and your story.

We promise to help reawaken the fighting spirit in you.


Burn Boxing and Fitness is your premier boxing and fitness training facility, with a ton of boxing bags, weights, cardio equipment and spin bikes all under the one roof.


Surely 1000+ members can’t be wrong. When you first walk into Burn Boxing and Fitness, it’ll be like a breath of fresh air. You’ll notice that we’re not like any other club you’ve been to before – from friendly trainers, staff and more importantly, other members.

At Burn Boxing and Fitness, everyone is welcome!